PBA Network, Bronx New York

meet local Christian professionals & business owners

meet & mingle to find more...

networking made fun & simple...

  1. 1
    finding, meeting & learning
    Getting to know your neighborhood businesses & learn how you can improve each others bottom line.
  2. 2
    promoting, referring & gaining
    Explaining your business offerings to others & refer resources, employment seekers or customers.
  3. 3
    cooperating, helping & succeeding
    Exploring how you can help or assist each other & join forces to cut costs or become market leaders.
  1. customers
    Giving business to others in your neighborhood creates good will and earns you their business in return.
  2. partners
    Seek out and meet potential business partners or enter into new and mutually beneficial alliances.
  3. services
    Find and explore services which you may want or need to improve or simplify your business dealings.
  4. goods
    Locate all kinds of goods which you must have or may need in your day to day business operations.